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Criminal gangs are known to operate within various service industries in Ibiza as a gateway for close access to wealthy visitors. Your security supplier choice is extremely important. Always communicate directly with security companies via their OFFICIAL WEBSITES - not individuals, middle-men or unofficial channels such as social media pages.

Protecting Globally-Significant Clientele

Ibiza Villa Security


www.villasecurityibiza.com , villa secuity ibiza, ibiza villa security, villa security guard Ibiza,

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Villa Security in Ibiza by Diplomat Protection Group

Private Villa Security acts as a front-line defence no matter what information is readily available to those with criminal intent on their minds. DPG also provide a selection of additional services to maintain a closed-loop of information sharing for high-end villa guests. Our private driver service and entertainment booking desk ensures that guests movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock.

Contact DPG-Ibiza for more information & to arrange the correct level of security for your villa and your group whilst here in Ibiza.

Why do you need Villa Security in Ibiza?

Villa break-ins are common here in Ibiza - but this should not deter you from renting a private villa for your vacation. Villa robberies are common because cheap villa security in Ibiza is generally low-quality, untrained and ineffective. Criminals have very little to fear because low-cost villa security offers very little resistance.

Choosing a professional villa security service from Diplomat Protection Group means you can relax - knowing that your villa is secure & protected against the islands criminal elements. These gangs know of our team and would prefer not being caught by us.

Our Villa Security Service in Ibiza is delivered by professionally trained bodyguards. We do not outsource to cheap manpower suppliers. Villa break-ins have become more sophisticated and our regular clients expect a highly-trained professional on duty at their villa.

Although Ibiza is a relatively safe place, it does pose additional concerns for Celebrity & High-Net-Worth clientele..... such as: over enthusiastic fans or criminals following you back to your villa - Paparazzi & other unwanted attention - targeted robbery - villa intrusions and even privacy issues with villa staff or service suppliers visiting your villa. These are all areas of concern for our clientele, and we manage them with discretion, professionalism & charm..

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