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Criminal gangs are known to operate within various service industries in Ibiza as a gateway for close access to wealthy visitors. Your security supplier choice is extremely important. Always communicate directly with security companies via their OFFICIAL WEBSITES - not individuals, middle-men or unofficial channels such as social media pages.

About Ibiza Villa Security


Diplomat Protection Group engage in a higher level of personal security - not normally associated with the private sector. Our senior team members have worked at Government Level & bring this experience to the commercial security industry.

Our Mediterranean headquarters (Ibiza) has been operational for 23 years & our VIP clients benefit from the superior skill-sets & local contacts of our team members. We do not consider other 'local-security-suppliers' as our competition. There are many different levels of security available in Ibiza - all catering for different types of clientele. DPG cater for individuals & groups who take their privacy & security seriously & require what we offer.

The standards DPG work to are noticeably different to those found in the commercial security sector - this becomes clear in unique & challenging environments like Ibiza.

Our service is delivered with discretion & charm - ensuring a relaxed vacation environment through confidence & superior experience.

For many years we have been quietly & carefully activating change; tactically enriching both the industry & the lives of our clientele - for no other reason than the fact that we are passionate about remaining 'the' superior facilitator of Professional Bodyguards & related private security.

Our team is part of the Diplomat-Protection-Group; an International full-service contact, specializing in Bodyguards, Close Protection, Security Consulting & VIP Handling... an Internationally-Acclaimed protector of the Diplomatic Community & Entertainment Industry - providing superior services for each & every assignment that we accept.

Our success can be measured not only by the calibre of our personnel, but equally by Clientele-Association. Some clients may appear in 'Glossy Magazines' week after week - other clients may lead a 'Spiritual Nation' - and many of our clients have accumilated wealth and feel an obligation to their loved-ones to protect their lifestyle. No matter who they are or what they do, they rely on the Diplomat-Protection-Group to provide stability and measured control in their lives.

We believe security should be approachable, knowledgeable & well informed, discrete & highly effective. All these attributes combined with superior backgrounds and exceptional experience are at the core of our business. The result is good looking, English speaking Bi-lingual, professionally trained security companions - presenting an exceptional first impression on your behalf - perfectly sensitive to your concerns and protecting what is most important to you...

*For the highest quality Chauffeur services to complement your security needs we highly recommend our in-house Ibiza Chauffeur Service :