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Criminal gangs are known to operate within various service industries in Ibiza as a gateway for close access to wealthy visitors. How you choose your security supplier is extremely important. Always communicate directly with security companies via their OFFICIAL WEBSITES - not individuals, middle-men or unofficial channels such as social media pages.


Things To Consider When Hiring Villa Security in Ibiza:


i) Hire Directly from an Official Security Source: Villa Rental Agents & Concierge services sell additional villa services such as villa security as a profitable add-on, and your agent may be choosing suppliers that are primarily "most profitable" to the agent - without concern for the quality or legality of such services. Always choose your security directly with a reputable supplier via their official websites.


ii) Don't Buy Security Services Based on Lowest Price: It's easy to be tempted into hiring a cheap villa security service - after all, you just need a human presence on duty to scare criminals away... right?


Villa break-ins have often involved thieves attacking the 'security guard' before breaking into the villa. This is a growing occurrence at high-end, expensive villas simply because thieves know that villa clients & agencies have been hiring 'cheap - untrained' security staff. Paying the lowest price for security services is a waste of money and doesn't offer you the protection that you expect.


iii) Official Security Suppliers Will Have Business Banking Facilities: If your villa security ask you to pay cash or transfer the payment into their personal bank account - they're often not an official security service.


Organized gangs prefer to target villas whilst guests are out enjoying the nightlife, but 2018 saw a significant rise in break-ins involving pepper sprays & other immobilizing products. Thieves are now prepared to enter villas whilst guests are at home. Professional criminals are using pepper sprays or sleeping gas to disable occupants of villas - allowing them to take items without facing resistance.


These gangs have no morals - entering bedrooms occupied by young children - stealing their belongings - mobile phones etc - before moving on to the adults bedrooms to steal jewellery, money and even designer label clothing... anything of value that can be sold for profit. These criminal gangs spend the winter months looking for access to villas that are popular choices for rental by wealthy clients. We strongly advise guests with expensive items to ensure that their villa is protected... even when they are at home sleeping.


Don't let these situations prevent you from renting a villa in Ibiza.

These problems exist because cheap villa security in Ibiza is generally low-quality and ineffective. Choosing a professional villa security service from Diplomat Protection Group means you can relax - knowing that your villa is secure & protected against the islands criminal eliments. These gangs know of our team and would prefer not being caught by us. , villa security ibiza, security guard ibiza, yacht security ibiza,

For many years we have been quietly & carefully activating change; tactically enriching both the industry & the lives of our clientele - for no other reason than the fact that we are passionate about remaining 'the' superior source of Professional security guard services in Ibiza.


Our team is fully aware of the tactics deployed by gangs targeting villas. We approach each and every security issue in Ibiza with an intelligent and practical solution. Diplomat Protection Group are your first and last line of defence against costly robberies at your rented property.

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